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Natrapharm was established by Mr. Rudi T. Runes in November 1990 but its history goes back to 1970 when he started the Philippine operations of the German company Nattermann. From modest beginnings, it rapidly registered remarkable growth through aggressive marketing of Nattermann products and by licensing of products from other principals. Mr. R.T. Runes continued to lead the Philippine operations of Rhone-Poulenc Nattermann when Rhone-Poulenc Sante of France acquired Nattermann in 1987.

Following the international merging of Rhone-Poulenc and the American company, Rorer, was the merging of local subsidiaries in September 1990 and the products originally licensed to Nattermann became incompatible with its global directive. An opportunity to license these products paved the way for the establishment of Natrapharm as an independent marketing company. Having started as a division of Marsman, Natrapharm’s steady growth has made full incorporation possible after only seven (7) years.

In 1995, an affiliate organization, Patriot Pharmaceuticals Corporation was formed. Initially conceived as a foray into the generic sector of the pharmaceutical industry, the company evolved to focus on hospital-based products.

The companies’ consistent strong performance in the market paved the way for the construction of its own building which was completed in 1997. An extension was added in 2003 to accommodate an upgraded warehouse facility and well-equipped training and education center. The Patriot Building was designed not only as a base for operations, but more importantly, as a symbolic representation of its patriotic pride and commitment to the Filipino culture and values.

Recognizing the need for efficient nationwide delivery structure, a distribution system was integrated into its internal operations in 1999. This approach supported its development needs and became pivotal to companies’ sustained growth. Since then, the product portfolio has expanded from eight to forty brands, including several market leaders in their therapeutic segments. The promotional field force structure has branched into five divisions specializing on specific therapeutic categories: pediatrics, internal medicine and general practice, cardiology and metabolic, surgery and gynecology, and neurology.

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